Body Image, Food Anxieties and Beyonce


After Women’s Hour in-depth podcast on body image, we discuss how our mothers influenced our own, and the unusual eating habits or food anxieties we’ve developed in a body conscious society. This was also the week that Lena Dunham’s nudity was again thrown into the spotlight, with critics labelling it confusing as her body apparently can’t be stereotypically titillating. Finally we discuss Beyonce as a feminist, and if her three-paragraph ‘essay’ on gender inequality really could have an impact.

Can’t be bothered hanging around the website to listen? Me neither! Download on iTunes for ultimate convenience! 

Russel Brand’s ‘love of a good woman’ is not what feminism needs

Why critics can’t come to terms with Lena Dunham’s nudity – Clementine Ford’s article on Dunham’s nudity

Jezabel vs Vogue’s Lena Dunham Shoot


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